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Updated February 2024


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Paxlovid Patient Factsheet Translations
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Paxlovid Patient Factsheet Translations
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Patient Fact Sheet
Click below to read the PAXLOVID patient information fact sheet to learn more about why this medicine was prescribed, and how often you should be taking PAXLOVID and more.


Patient Infographic Fact Sheet
This brochure was developed in consultation with respresentatives from National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and other First Nations Peoples.
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Paxlovid Dosing Guide for patients with reduced kidney function
Some patients may be prescribed an adjusted dose of Paxlovid because of reduced kidney function. Click below to download the dosing information guide for patients with reduced kidney function.

Always talk to your doctor about your treatment if you have any concerns or questions about taking PAXLOVID.


Please check back over time for the most up to date information We are always updating our website with the latest information about PAXLOVID. Be sure to check back here and with your GP for the latest information.

How to verify your tablets are authentic

PAXLOVID must be prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider and supplied by a Government approved pharmacy or medical

Authentic PAXLOVID, from Pfizer Australia Pty Ltd., will include the Pfizer name on the label and will be packaged in 5 aluminum push-through blister cards. Individual doses are not for sale. PAXLOVID will be packaged in a rectangular carton. The carton has a colourless, glossy coating that contains a repeated pattern of the Pfizer name and logo all over the tablet, and these repeating features are seen in a contrasting matte finish.

PAXLOVID consists of tablets for a 5-day oral treatment regimen, with morning and evening doses.

To help determine whether the tablets are legitimate, look for the following specific text on each side of the

Tablet Text
nirmatrelvir Front: 3CL | Back: PFE
ritonavir Front: image NK | Back: NK
Pfizer is committed to patient safety and ensuring that people have accurate information about PAXLOVID, including how it is accessed and administered. We are actively monitoring for offers of illegitimate PAXLOVID to protect patients from products that might be dangerous and lead to serious or life-threatening harm.

If you suspect the product you have received may be counterfeit, contact us at 1800 675 229 or visit